A Glimpse Into Our Pop-Up Event!

Hello dear readers! 🌸
I hope this blog finds you well. I wanted to share a bit about a recent afternoon that was close to our hearts at Malu Voss. Imagine a room filled with laughter, light, and lots of love—that was our pop-up event at Venu. Let's stroll through that day together!
Venu, founded by the passionate Yulia, was just the right place for our gathering. Nestled in the heart of Amsterdam, it’s more than just a co-worker space—it's a hub of warmth and creativity. The moment we stepped in, we were greeted with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee from their amazing cafe and the tempting sight of delicious cakes. It wasn’t just the place but the vibe—it felt like home.

The afternoon saw an array of beautiful souls. With the expert touch of our PR and my dear friend, Mr. Frederick, owner of Frederick Ladies Club, the guest list was curated to perfection. We had models, influencers, our dear clients, and many new faces—all coming together under one roof. What made it special? Every single person, with their unique stories and styles, made the room shine a bit brighter. 

Now let me paint you a picture: a table adorned with the softest pink roses, their fragrance gently wafting through the air, making conversations a bit sweeter. Simple, yet heartfelt, just like every piece at Malu Voss.


Amid the chit-chat and giggles, there was a shared excitement about our newest collection, Kayan. It’s not just jewelry; it's a piece of our heart, a reflection of inclusivity, love, and care. From the twinkle in the eyes of our guests, we could sense it resonated with many.

If I had to sum up the afternoon, I'd say it was all about togetherness. Sharing stories, admiring art, and just being in the moment. At Malu Voss, that's what we're all about—creating spaces where everyone feels seen, valued, and loved.

To everyone who joined us, sent their love from afar, or is reading this now, thank you. Every moment, every memory is a testament to the community we're building together. Here's to many more heartwarming afternoons and sparkling collections! 🌟


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