Malu Voss is all about jewelry that makes you feel special

My mission when I started this journey in 2020 was to make beautiful jewelry of good quality that women could buy for themselves and wear every day, not wait for an occasion or someone to buy it for them.

In the last twenty years, I have been lucky enough to live in different countries and travel to many places, thereby getting to know different cultures and people. These experiences not only taught me about the world; but made me appreciate diversity. I made friends globally, and the beauty of that is how different we all are. This is something I really want to capture with Malu Voss. I want all women, no matter where they are from or what their story is, to see a little of themselves in our brand. It's not just about creating jewelry; it's about celebrating diversity and ensuring that all women feel included.

The vision for Malu Voss does not stop at jewelry. I imagine a future in which Malu Voss evolves into a lifestyle brand. A brand that resonates with women on various levels, expanding our range to offer more than just jewelry, but a way of life focused on feeling special every day.

At the heart of Malu Voss are our fundamental values that guide every decision, every project and every interaction. Diversity is fundamental to us; not only do we recognize differences, but we celebrate them. Respect is our compass, ensuring that each individual, whether a client or a team member, is treated with the utmost consideration, forming the basis of trust and lasting relationships. Love permeates every aspect of Malu Voss. Each piece of jewelry we create, made with attention to detail and manufactured in Europe, is imbued with genuine affection, symbolizing our love and care. This dedication extends to the quality of our products, ensuring that each piece is not only beautiful, but also lasting. Finally, our commitment to Honesty and Integrity ensures open communication and actions of principles.

We invite you to explore our collection and experience first-hand the passion and values that shape each piece at Malu Voss. Welcome to our world, where every detail is important.