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5 Ways to Celebrate Your Sisterhood on International Friendship Day

Strength is in numbers. From the layers of jewelry bringing your outfit together, or the powerful women you surround yourself each day, something divine takes place when individuals of grace, beauty, and influence come together as one. 

In honor of International Friendship Day, Malu Voss Jewelry and Azzura, owned and operated by genuine friends, have decided to come together in celebration! As female entrepreneurs and successful brand owners, both Malu and Esma hold a deep understanding of what it means to stand beside your sisters through thick and thin. 

So recognizing this amazing holiday is more than a cheesy cliché, we’re making the decision to fully appreciate the impact of empowering the women around you so that we can all rise together. 

  • Take a “Sister” Care Day
    • Grab your best girl friends and treat yourselves! Have a day at the spa complete with Diamond Facials and luxurious manicures. Being a woman is tough work, we could all use a relaxing break some time. 
  • Exchange Gifts
    • For those of us that love a good gift bag, picking out a present unique to the women you admire is a beautiful way to show your love and appreciation—or even just as a reminder that it’s so important to stop and live in the good old days before they’re long gone. 
  • Throw a Sisterhood Party! 
    • Calling all social butterflies! If it’s your passion to entertain, now is the time. Bring as many women as you can together, creating the perfect environment for all the strong females in your life to laugh with each other, take a load off and bond over the things that only us women endure. When we get together, the chaos of the world seems just a bit smaller. 
  • Explore Together
    • Been dying to visit the local Sip & Paint studio lately? Or maybe there’s a trail nearby that you haven’t checked out yet. Whatever hobby, activity, or crazy adventure you’ve been craving lately, this is the perfect opportunity to grab a girlfriend and go for it! 
  • Take Time to Heal 
    • It’s no secret that women endure things that no one should ever have to experience. If this joyous holiday is happening upon a time of grief, sadness, or just downright unpleasant feelings, just give your sisters a hug. Trust us, it’ll work wonders.  
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